WHILL Type-A Four Wheel Drive Stylish Wheelchair!

picture of WHILL Type-A wheelchair

Assistive technology products and concepts are always appreciated for their functionality and not necessarily their aesthetics, because traditionally, the focus has never been on how a product looks. The only criteria, really, for an accessibility related product to succeed is that it does its job well.

But why not take things a step further and make them look pleasing as well? What’s wrong with making an accessibility product aesthetically pleasant and beautiful? In this age of minimalism and sleek designs, why not give “the looks” of a product some love and affection as well?

We already know that the WHILL Type-A brings technology and modern design together. The company that is combining sleekness, robustness and speed in the form of a personal mobility device has more exciting news for everyone!

The award winning team behind the WHILL Type-A comprises of talented people who’ve worked at Nissan, Sony, Olympus in the past, will be selling 50 units in California this summer and all over the US in the winter. Pre-order is available for an initial deposit of $500. The purchase price for this product is $9,500 which does not include shipping etc. I am hoping that insurance companies would be able to fund the purchase of this wheelchair for those who really need it.

WHILL Type-A can handle any kind of terrain without showing any signs of stress, thanks to its four wheel drive.

Did I say even snow?
Another big hurdle WHILL Type A helps the user tackle is going up steep slope. Who says four wheel drives are only for cars and big SUVs?

Talking about cars and SUVs, the WHILL Type-A is so compact that you can fit two in a car!

Want to see all the features of WHILL Type-A? Go here.

If you are a AT professional who work with clients in wheelchairs and go to exhibitions and events to check out the newest products, WHILL will be at the following events this year if you want to check them out:

– Abilities Expo LA
February 28th – March 2nd
Los Angeles Convention Center – West Hall A
1201 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90015
– Test Drive Event at Independent Living Resource Center of San Francisco
March 5th, 11am-3pm
Independent Living Resource Center of San Francisco
649 Mission St, 3rd Floor San Francisco, CA 94105
– San Diego Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference
March 19th – March 21st
Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel
One Market Place San Diego, CA 92101
WHILL Website: whill.jp
WHILL on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teamWHILL

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