Disability Hacker: A Great Blog For Hacks Around The House For Disabled People

We depend so much on technology these days that more often than not, we sideline some of the most basic and trivial things and concepts that can be extremely beneficial in performing day to day activities. We are constantly looking at the next cutting edge technology that is going to revolutionize the assistive technology world, but how often do we scrutinize the very ordinary and simple things around us that can make everything easy and wonderful?
I recently stumbled across a blog that does just that – instead of focussing on top of the line technological marvels, it looks at the simplest of items around us that prove to be, well, magical of sorts. If you go to Disability Hacker, you will find all sorts of workarounds, gadgets, ideas that are either readily available or can be easily brought to life (“hacked”). From single handed soap dispensers to knives (helpful for amputees), from cracking an egg single handedly using a special (readily available on Amazon!) gadget to chopping vegetables, this blog is full of ideas and mechanisms that will help anyone with not so good motor skills to perform daily activities without trouble. Has taking care of a pet always been a challenge because of your disability? They have tips on how to take best care of your pet – what items to buy and where that doesn’t involve a lot of physical work. For someone who has mobility issues, going around the house and turning off all the lights around the house can be quite a cumbersome process. Did you know you could connect your lights to remote controlled sockets and turn them off all at once while relaxing in your favorite chair? Don’t thank me, thank the Disability Hacker! 
I am glad blogs like Disability Hacker exist. What I realized after reading that blog is simplicity is everywhere, and provides a great deal of convenience and comfort. All we have to do is look for it and appreciate it!
Head to the Disability Hacker to know more about hacks around the house! On Twitter , they are @hackdisability.

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  1. The term "life-hacks" has now new, greater meaning. What's even more cool about all this stuff is that you don't need to be disable to make your life easier with those hacks. However, all new cutting edge gadgets are still welcome;)

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