Interesting Stories From Twitter! Episode 1: 01/12/2014


Hello everyone, and happy new year! Starting this week, I will be posting some brief audio descriptions of interesting stories, articles, videos etc. I find on Twitter that I think you will find interesting! I will also post links to those tweets so you could go ahead and read/view them in their entirety if you choose to do so.
I hope you find this beneficial. Please don’t hesitate to give me feedback – i would love to hear about things I can do to improve this blog!
Thank you for reading and listening!
Venkat Rao
Here’s Episode One!

Tweets discussed in this episode:


TYSM for the RT @RandolphEyecare The leading cause of low #vision in American is #cataract #infographic #eyehealth
— Olivia Shelton (@care4eye) January 5, 2014


Useful ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) resources from @Mozilla #webdev #javascript
— Jennison Asuncion (@Jennison) January 5, 2014


2014 Web Accessibility Predictions » #a11yPredictions2014 #a11y
— Denis Boudreau (@dboudreau) January 4, 2014


Why Do We Fear the Blind?
— Assistive Tech Blog (@ATBlog2) January 12, 2014


@TechshareIndia wishes everyone very Happy New Year. Looking forward for our event on 13-14 Feb, NewDelhi. #inclusion
— techshare (@TechshareIndia) January 1, 2014

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  1. Thanks for sharing your twitter stories!

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