Unus Tactus Lite And Enhancements To Full Version

Unus tactus interface shows geofencing - a radius of 1 mile set for a user.Unus Tactus interface shows pictures of contacts with help button

A while ago I wrote about this wonderful yet simple app called Unus Tactus that provides an easy interface for people with motor/ cognitive deficits to make phone calls and notifies their emergency contacts if they get disoriented or lost and exit the “fence” (a radius in miles that has been set for them that’s considered safe) . Recently, Unus Tactus released the lite version of the app that lets you try and test it before you buy the full version for $9.99. The lite version lets you add just one contact and does not have “geofencing” capabilities.

In the full version of the app, some features have been added and refined, like:
  •     Easy set up and editing of an unlimited number of photo/phone contacts.
  •     Alphabetizing of contacts with picture and name display of every contact.
  •     Customizable emergency contact e-mail and phone number.
  •     Emergency button for fast help with a Google maps link to ID phone caller location.
  •     E-mails with a map link location sent to the emergency contact after every outgoing call
  •     “Geo-fence” feature with 5 different distance settings up to 15 miles.
  •     Automatic e-mail with Google Map and, iCloud link if phone exits geo-fence area with out call being made. (All E-mail notifications are On/Off switch able).

Check out this video to see how easily the app can be set up. 

The lite version can be downloaded here, and the full version here.
To read the full press release that has more details on the app and new enhanced features, go here.
Unus Tactus website: www.unustactus.com 

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