Samsung Demonstrates Tablet That Can Be Controlled By Brain

Samsung has taken the mobile industry by storm in the last couple of years with  its very successful Galaxy S III phone and the Galaxy Tab/ Note tablets. Competitive pricing and an easy to use UI (besides the world famous brand) are what set them apart from the rest.
It is now planning to take regular tablets into a different realm by allowing a new way of communicating with its tablet devices – brainwaves (mind control!), a feature that people with impaired mobility will definitely appreciate.

Image source: MIT Technology Review
Samsung, in collaboration with Roozbeh Jafari, an assistant professor at the University of Texas have started research on how to open applications, perform commands within an app, power up and down a tablet device using just a person’s thought. The initial stages of this research involve a cap studded with EEG electrodes(Electroencephalogaphy – recording electrical activity with the scalp) that monitor the electrical signals from the brain. In this research, scientists found out that people could launch an app and make selections within five seconds (with an accuracy of 85 to 90 percent)if they concentrated on an icon that was blinking at a distinctive frequency. Of course, as this project moves to the next stages, they would try the same experiment without the cap with all the electrodes because that’s what the masses would want.
I am hoping that a bigger brand like Samsung would be able to keep the costs low if this tablet is mass produced in the future.
Make sure to check the video of this demonstration in the source link!

Source: MIT Technology Review via Gizmodo


  1. this will really happend??
    it was really amazing, i'm waiting for the next innovation..

  2. Since quite a long time I have been following the news from the world of electronics, particularly tablets. and I have to say that something still surprises me. Technology moves forward at such a pace that it is hard sometimes to keep up. Samsung is one of the leaders in the industry and after the tablet is everything you'd expect.

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