Free Captioning Service From Amara

Are you an individual or organization that has a plethora of videos that you think should be subtitled for  your viewers with hearing impairment? But because of time and financial constraints, it is not possible for you to get the videos captions with clear and understandable text (not the robotic mumbo jumbo that youtube’s automatic captioning churns out)? Are you extremely appreciative of volunteers and thank them sincerely when they perform tasks for you pro bono?
Say hello to the free version of amara, the crowdsourced captioning platform.
Getting videos captioned via amara is very simple – you upload your videos to your youtube channel (as you normally do) and then visit and connect your youtube channel from their homepage. All videos from your channel are added to amara, and a link is added to every video inviting viewers to subtitle your work. Once the subtitles are added to your video, they are automatically sent to youtube, thus adding captions and updating language options on all websites where your videos are embedded!

Hit the source link to read more details.

Source: TNW via Karen Mardahl

Captioning win! Amara launches free version of its crowdsourced subtitling platform for YouTube users: HT @redcrew
— Karen Mardahl (@kmdk) February 6, 2013


  1. Definitely a great service for the deaf community. Thanks for sharing.

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