Hodu: A “Zero Failure” Physical Therapy Device

Traditional physical therapy devices require a lot of effort even when a patient is just starting with their therapy, only to get discouraged and disappointed sooner or later and giving up. Hodu, however, is a simple “zero failure” physical therapy device that rewards the patient for even the slightest of effort applied, thus encouraging them to keep going and getting better and stronger. The device has built in sensors that detects the effort/pressure being applied and lights up colored LEDs. Every color is associated with a certain level of pressure applied on the device.

The team behind Hodu is also working on software that will record the patient’s progress and email all the information to their therapist.
A very simple, yet useful device. Check out the video to see what Hodu is capable of!

Source: Engadget, Meatbotics
Image source: Engadget


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