Mobi-Chair: Wheelchair For The Beach!

How often do people in wheelchairs get to go to the beach and play in the water?
Deschamps, a New Jersey based family owned business, has created the Mobi-Chair, a high quality beach chair that provides people bound to wheelchair an easier way to access and navigate across the beach. The arm rests and wheels are made of floating materials that enable the chair to fully float in water.
mobi chair disassembled and fitted in the trunk of a car
The Mobi-Chair can be assembled or disassembled in 5 – 10 minutes without the use of any tools, and can easily fit into the back of the trunk of a vehicle. The aluminum frame and other materials are corrosion free and the fabric used for the chair is non allergenic, UV resistant, and ventilated for quick drying.
The Mobi-Chair may not necessarily be inexpensive as it will set you back by $2139. I could not find any information on whether insurance companies would cover costs for the chair or not.
See the video to see Mobi-Chair in action, and check out the website for more information!

Source: Disabled-World via Barrier Break


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  1. What a wonderful and simple plan. This is truly universal design at its best. Not only will this be beneficial for those with an illness or birth related disability but for the elderly or for those who may have suffered an accident where they have experienced decreased mobility. I would have loved to have this chair when my husbands grandfather was alive. He lived for his days at the beach, but once he had a series of strokes this was no longer possible.

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