Touch Bionics Releases New Prosthetic Fingers

image displaying prosthetic fingers
Image source: Engadget

Touch Bionics, a leading expert in prosthetic limbs, recently announced the global launch of new bionic finger technologies – a very good news for people with missing fingers.

The new additions to the product line include a finger that’s shorter and lighter, and a wrist band that incorporates all of the processing and poer systems of the prosthesis.
This new development  enables prostheses to be made smaller, lighter and more anatomically accurate, e.g., for people with smaller hands and whose amputations are closer to the knuckles. 
Needless to say, these prosthetic fingers help people perform daily chores and activities, and pursue their hobbies and interests, thus boosting their self confidence and improving their quality of life.
Watch this video to learn about the benefits of prosthetic fingers.

Check out their website to learn more about the prosthetic fingers. To read the press release, hit the source link.

Website: Touch Bionics

Source: Engadget

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