Shower Bay – Portable Shower For Wheelchair Users

picture shows a woman in wheelchair in front of shower bay - a portable shower meant for wheelchair users
Image Source: Shower Bay website

One constant problem that wheelchair users face is the difficulty in maneuvering their wheelchairs in bathrooms to take a shower. This ultimately results in expensive home renovations.
To counter this problem, Russell Simpkins of Forward Day, LLC, and his sister have come up with an extremely innovative product that lets wheelchair users take a shower pretty much anywhere in the house. Shower Bay’s design allows for quick assembly in any room of the home, and no tools are required. The unit snaps together, and connects to a standard household faucet. As water enters the unit through a deluxe showerhead, the user can bathe comfortably with or without the assistance of a caregiver. The water is then pumped out of the unit to any nearby household drain. The following image shows Shower Bay assembled in a household bedroom: 

image of shower bay installed in a bedroom
Image source: Shower Bay website

Shower Bay provides a small ramp that allows users to just roll in and out of the shower very easily, thus making the entire process very smooth and safe.
Given the unique safety advantages and the uncompromised showering experience, Shower Bay is the perfect bathing solution for many wheelchair users, including the following:
· Home owners who want to avoid a costly and time-consuming bathroom remodel.
· Renters, who generally cannot modify or remodel their apartment or home.
· Families seeking to avoid the high cost of assisted living facilities and keep their loved ones at home.
· Users whose mobility restricts them to the first floor of a residence (where the home has only a half bath on the first level).
· Families that have a loved one with mobility limitations temporarily stay at their home.
· Individuals who are rehabbing an injury and only need a temporary bathing solution.
· Users planning to change residences, who can move Shower Bay with them to their next home and not worry about remodeling ever again.
Watch the following two videos to see what the Shower Bay experience is like, and how easily it can be installed.

Shower Bay is available for $4200 from its website. There may be financing options available as well.
Website: ShowerBay
Facebook: Shower Bay


  1. Shower Bay is the perfect bathing for many wheelchair makes the entire bathing process safe.

  2. I do agree with your point that portable shower is very helpful for the wheelchair users. They do not feel any difficulty with this. Not only for the wheelchair users, but also these showers are very much popular when you go for a trip. It has many advantages and that is the reason people love this. The thing which you must keep in mind before buying this is how high quality you select. Select the shower according to your need and take advantage.

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