Hands Free Wheelchair

Image source: Engadget

If you are a technology aficionado, and are curious to know what sort of amazing projects can come out   of a small workshop, then you should totally subscribe to The Ben Heck Show!

In one of his latest episodes, Ben Heck shows how he created a hands free wheelchair for a soon to be father who wanted to take care of his baby while still in his wheelchair.
Watch this video to see how Ben created two additional accessories for Josh’s wheelchair – an add-on motor assembly that sits beneath the wheelchair and a joystick (track ball?) like device that sits in the front on the footrest and controls the chair’s speed and directionality.
If you want to skip all the technical details, go straight to the “Powering it up” segment on the video’s progress bar.

Source: The Ben Heck Show via Engadget

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