Bill Signed For Self Driving Cars On Public Roads

Self driving cars are a step closer to reality!
California governor Jerry Brown signed bill SB1298 two days ago which formalizes the legal and safety standards for automated cars so that they could be driven on state owned roads. This is good news for people with visual impairment and other disabilities (that hinder their ability to commute) because in the future, this self driving car would enable them to fearlessly commute without having to depend on others for transportation purposes.

Several important points were made during the bill signing ceremony, some of which were:

– Accidents are caused by human errors. The self driving cars have potential to avoid accidents.
– The “drivers”, when stuck in traffic, can utilize their time doing something else, thus being more productive.
– Self driving cars have the ability to eliminate congestion.
– Last, but not the least, self driving cars do not jump red lights!
Of course, there is still a lot of testing that needs to be done. However, Sergey Brin thinks that the self driving car would probably be ready for public use in five years or so.
Watch the following video to see Sergey Brin and Jerry Brown talk about the self driving car and how these cars would change our lives.

Source: Google+ via Engadget


  1. California is a landmark state for legalizing self driving automated cars. I wonder if this eliminates the need for a designated driver.

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