Accessibility Enhancements in Google Apps

Google has made a ton of accessibility enhancements to some of its apps, viz., Drive, Calendar, Contacts, mobile apps (and others).  Some of the enhancements are:
– Including OCR in Google Drive to allow screen readers to read text from scanned PDFs and images.
– Over 450 webfonts launched in documents and presentations with basic accessibility support.
– Custom color picker added to Calendar to create better viewing experience for users with low vision.
– Basic keyboard controls improved for Gmail for mobile.
To see the extensive list of new features and bug fixes, visit this link.
Google has also created an Administrator Guide to Accessibility for technical administrators/ accessibility specialists etc. that gives them
– A summary of accessibility information for Google Apps.
– helps understand the current state of accessibility for each supported app in Google Apps.
– best practices for implementing Google Apps to support users’ accessibility needs.

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