Sprint Speech-to-Speech: Service For People With Speech Disabilities


Sprint has started a new service for people with speech disabilities who may not be comfortable directly talking to other people due to their speech impairment/ unclear speech. The service is called Sprint Speech-to-Speech.

People with speech impairment have to deal quite many hurdles while talking on the phone – they can be easily misunderstood because of unclear speech. Of course, there’s always the “What? I can’t understand you” aspect of the process they have to face too. Last, but not the least, they have to depend on family and friends to make phone calls for them.

Now these folks can simply call 877 787 2660 (or *787) in the United States to connect to the Sprint Speech-to-Speech service that has specially trained operators. The caller can communicate their message to these operators and ask them to either repeat every word or just the important ones to the party for whom the call is intended. 

Sometimes these calls can get very long and tiring, and for that very reason Sprint has also introduced My Email Set Up. This service allows the users to send an email to the operator with the name and number of the person to be called, subject and message of the call, and any other instructions that would make the call easier for the operator.

These services are available 24/7 at no extra cost for Sprint customers.

Hit the source link to read more about these services.

Source: Sprint via Engadget


  1. I can't believe that the service is available at no extra cost! What great customer service

  2. very very cool option to have. they need to advertise this! spread the word

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