Circus Challenge: Video Games For Stroke Victims

Image source: Engadget

 It is often a challenge to retrain the brain to control a weakened limb after a stroke. It is not an impossible task, but it usually takes months to get success. In order to help speed up this process, and to make it more fun and interesting, Limbs Alive and scientists at Newcastle University have come up with a set of video games called Circus Challenge , thus providing extra in-home therapy.

This set of games has been specifically designed for people with Hemiplegia, however the target audience is anyone who needs to better their

screenshot of the game
Image source: Limbs Alive

 motor skills. These games consist primarily of circus games that require the use of both hands to perform tasks that would let them advance and reach higher levels. The patients use motion sensing controllers  (think wii remote) to perform circus activities like throwing pies, teetering, lion taming, juggling, high diving, and trapeze work to name a few. The more they advance in the games, the more challenging the tasks become and require greater coordination and strength.

The game would be available later this year and can be played on PCs, laptops, and tablets using motion sensing controllers (hopefully someone would come up with a Kinect hack too?). To find out when these games would be launched, go to Limbs Alive’s Contact Us page and sign up to get latest updates from them.

Watch the video to see what Circus Challenge can do!

Source:Limbs Alive via Engadget, Gizmodo

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