Tobii IS 2 – The Next Generation Eye Tracker

tobii IS 2If you are a fan of the Tobii Controller or are interested in knowing more about eye controllers, you should check out the newest eye controller from Tobii – the IS 2. The Tobii IS 2 is 75% smaller than its predecessor IS 1, and consumes 40% less power.

The IS 2 has two infrared projectors that are used to measure the user’s pupil size and two cameras to record their positions. The information captured is sent to the IS 2’s processors, which in turn sends it to any hardware or program IS 2 is connected to.

tobii is2Tobii plans to integrate IS 2 with pretty much everything, from medical imaging, medical diagnostics to attention monitoring and training.  If you are a developer, you can download the SDK and create apps that can be downloaded by users on the Application Market for Tobii Eye Trackers.

Watch this video to learn more about the Tobii IS 2.

Source: Tobii via Engadget, Mike Paciello

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