Mobile Accessibility Suite Free On Sprint, Boost and Virgin Mobile

Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile subscribers in the US, who are blind or have visual impairment, can download a suite of accessibility apps  on their Android phones for free that usually costs $99. The suite consists of ten apps that are used by an average users on a daily basis  –

  • Phone – Make/ answer calls; manage call log.
  • Contacts – Manage contacts (even from Facebook).
  • Calendar – Manage and view calendar entries.
  • SMS – Send, receive and manage text messages.
  • Alarms – Set alarms.
  • Email – Full access to Gmail account.
  • Where Am I – Tells current location.
  • Web – Internet.
  • Apps – Access all apps on your phone.
  • Settings
The suite also does the following:
  • Screen reader
  • Date/time, battery level, network coverage, missed calls etc.
This suite can be downloaded on any phone that has Android 2.1 and above. To use the screen reader feature of the suite, the phone should have a physical navigation button (like a trackball), and only works on Android 2.2 and above.
Watch the video to see a quick demo of Mobile Accessibility.

Visit the following link to read more about the suite, read the phone providers terms and conditions, and to download the suite on to your phone.

Mobile Accessibility on Google Play

Remember, you can still download this suite for $99 if you are signed up with other phone service providers.

Source: Engadget

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