Blind Man Drives Google’s Self Driving Car

“This is some of the best driving I have ever done.”

Meet Steve Mahan – A man, having lost 95% of his sight, is way past legal blindness. Recently, he was asked by Google to test drive their self driven car, and the result is just mind blowing.

Watch the video to see Steve Mahan “driving” the self driven car, with Google employees giving him company. “Look ma, no hands” he says, as the Prius, decorated with Google logos, drives off on the streets. The video shows the car carefully and quite accurately maneuvering turns and entering a Taco Bell drive through where Steve orders a burrito. While driving, Steve is seen chatting with his co-passengers (of course with no hands and feet touching any of the controls).

The car is still not perfect, but according to Google, the self driving car project has completed more than 200,000 miles of computer assisted driving since 2010. From what we see in the video, the car is on the right track!

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Source: Google+ via The Verge


  1. The technology is really cool and I can see how it will help lots of people but it makes the car look kind of ugly, if you have a really nice car I don't think you would want to mod it with this self drive technology in its current state.

  2. I Love your articles guys keep it up.

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  3. Awesome article mate, lovely content.

    Just think if every car gets driver less than …? will it create un-employments? btw car is awesome.

  4. These cars have video cameras, radar sensors as well as laser range finders installed to visualize the traffic around them and also have a comprehensive map whic they collected using manually driven vehicles to navigate the terrain. All this is possible with the help of Google’s data centers which can process the huge amounts of information gathered by their cars while mapping their topography.
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  5. Now this is exactly what we should be using these new technologies for. Not for rich people to show off that they can afford one. Governments should seriously look into using self drive vehicles for public transport.

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