Wimpy Braille Burger and Menu

We now know that Wimpy in South Africa is one restaurant that has braille menus, thanks to a video on Youtube that has gone viral. In order to spread awareness about their braille menus, Wimpy made special buns for their burgers by placing sesame seeds on them in such a way that they spelled words in braille.
“100% pure beef burger made for you.”
The video claims that 15 people who ate the burgers helped spread the word about Wimpy(‘s braille menu) to 800,000 other individuals with visual impairment through their newsletters and emails.
Here is the commercial with added voice over.

To see the original commercial without the voice over, click here.

Read more about the braille burgers here.

[Thanks for sharing, Prashant!]


  1. I heard that they are the best burger joint in Johannesburg. A must try place if you are in South Africa.

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