Subway Navigation In NYC To Become Easier For Hard Of Hearing

In a busy area like NYC where subway stations are always crowded , navigation for a person with hearing impairment can become quite uneasy. Canceling all the unnecessary noise while asking for directions or seeking more information about oncoming trains can be a daunting task.
Not anymore. 
Thanks to a device called “hearing loop” being introduced all over the city, hearing only what is important without unnecessary noise is becoming quite possible. The loop is placed close to a room or a window and sends out signals which are caught by a “t-coil” which is already inside many hearing aids and cochrain implants. The t-coil eliminates all the background noise and picks up only what is coming out of a microphone or speaker.
That’s it!
To watch a detailed video and read more about this process, please go here.

Source: via design:related


  1. This is a great technology. Very big help to the impaired people. Thanks to the one who did this.

  2. This "hearing loop" seems an amazing gadget. People with hearing disabilities can now hear the important reminders loud and clear. I hope that this will also be implemented to some cities or even to other countries to aid people who have hearing problems.

  3. Impressive technology! This will surely go a long way for deaf people.

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