MV-1: Wheelchair Accessible Car

MV-1 is the first ever vehicle to be introduced that is wheelchair accessible right out of the factory. Launched by a startup called Vehicle Production Group, the MV-1 is priced at $39,500 (and up),  and has been specifically designed keeping people with disabilities in mind.
The vehicle, which looks like a cross between a SUV and a mini van, is already available through 41 dealers in the US. The company already has orders for 4,000 of these vehicles, and is expected to manufacture 12,000 units next year, and 25,000 the year after. The vehicle is quite spacious – it has abundant head room and has room for four people in wheelchairs along with four adults plus luggage. It comes with a powerful V8 4.6L engine, and gives a mileage of around 15 mpg on gasoline or 13.5 mpg on compressed natural gas.
The MV-1 comes with a ramp that can be deployed manually, wheelchair restraining track, and a six way adjustable driver’s seat. Spending a little more than $2,000 will give the MV-1 a power ramp with lighting and cruise control, among other things. It also comes up with a 5 year/75,000 miles warranty.
To see a list of all the features available in this vehicle, please go here.
See the videos for more information:

Source: Autoweek via @Empowerability


  1. As a matte of fact, I really love this blog. Why? Because it always feature different things just to assist elderly people or those that are impaired. This car is such a big help.

  2. Thank you for your kind words! I am glad you like this blog. 🙂

  3. Nice Demonstrative vedio's

  4. its great to see projects that offer concrete help like this!

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