Tablet As Braille Writer

Adam Duran and his mentors have created a unique app that allows a tablet to be used as a Braille writer. But.. how is it possible for a blind person to use a tablet with a just a flat/smooth touchscreen (and no physical keys) to type characters?
That’s where this app stands out. Instead of making the user find keys with their fingertips the traditional way, this app finds the fingertips of the user and produces “keys” on the screen right under the fingertips which can then be used to type Braille characters. It doesn’t matter how thick or thin the user’s fingers are – the user just touches the screen with their eight fingers and the keys appear and orient themselves to the fingers. In case the user becomes disoriented, the app can be reset simply by lifting all fingers off the screen and putting them back down.
This app has not been launched to the masses yet.
Here’s a video of this concept and app in action:

Hit the source link for more information.

Source: Engadget, Stanford University

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