Panasonic RoboticBed: Wheelchair Cum Bed

(image source: TechCrunch)
Showcased at CEATEC 2011 in Japan, the RoboticBed is the latest invention by Panasonic which is essentially a bed that can transform into a wheelchair as and when needed. This helps people with limited mobility to move around without having to get down from a bed and getting in a wheelchair.
The RoboticBed was originally released in 2009, however, this version is being considered more practical and safer. Most of the features on this model have been inherited from the one released in 2009. The wheelchair is capable of moving in all directions and detecting obstacles. Also, looks like they got rid of the “canopy” that came with the original model.

 Watch this video to see the RoboticBed in action:

There is no news on when RoboticBed is likely to hit the market as a final product.

Source: TechCrunch


  1. What a great invention. Love the video too!

  2. Isn't it? I am amazed by how easily and smoothly the transformation takes place!

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