DeafYouVideo: A Great Website For People With Hearing Impairment

I recently stumbled upon a website called DeafYouVideo  (, and was amazed by the kind of resources it has for people with hearing impairment. This website is “video heavy”, and contains a lot of Youtube videos that specifically have been made for deaf people. This website has ten main sections.
Home – This is where the most recent blog post (with a video) can be found. These blog posts are about deaf people, interpreters, parents of deaf children, and bullying, to list a few. Other blog posts can be found in the “Recent Posts” section on the right bar, along with the “Most watched videos” right under the blog post. All the videos can be found in the “Video Archive” section which shows up at the bottom of every page if you keep scrolling down.
ASL: This section lists some really useful ASL resources. It primarily contains Youtube videos that teach sign language (American, British, Russian; songs etc.), and has links to businesses that provide these services.
Deaf Comedy: This section has some really entertaining and funny videos! Most of the videos have either captions or people interacting in sign language, or both. Some videos that do not have either are still funny to watch because there are no dialogues in them.
Here’s one which I thought was funny!

Deaf Events: A short yet important list. I was particularly impressed by the very fist listing – H3 TV which broadcasts in sign language. Their website is Do check it out! The other listings are for a company that specializes in cruises for deaf groups, a travel guide for deaf people, and Deaflympics.
Deaf TV: Another list of websites that has videos for the deaf. This one’s a longer list, and has H3TV on it too. Honestly, I did not know that there are so many websites that host videos for deaf people. One website that caught my attention on this list was I did not sign up for it to explore its features, but it is a social video networking website for deaf people. I am curious about it now.
Deaf Way:  Another list of resources for the deaf – It has links to Gallaudet University ( undergraduate school for deaf and hard of hearing students), and various other associations, activists, workshops for the deaf etc.
Deaf Youtube: Another set of Youtube videos (I told you this is a “video heavy” website!) that has a lot of people communicating using sign language.
VRS: This is a list of many Video Relay Service providers.
Video Games: Not necessarily for the deaf, but very fun to play!
Last, but certainly not the least, there are quite many deaf comic strips on every page for our amusement!
So, if you, or someone you know, is deaf,  check this website out. It brings a lot of fun, entertainment, and education!


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  3. The idea of making videos for deaf people is brilliant. A lot of deaf people will surely appreciate these videos. Hearing aids can also help these people hear the sound of the world.

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