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Audiobooks is very true to its name, and if you like (free) audiobooks, then this is the app for you. Available for both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad, Audiobooks has over 3,500 classic books available for free. Most of the books come from the LibriVox Project where people from around the world release classic audiobooks that they themselves recorded.
Audiobooks is very intuitive  and easy to use. The first option on the app on the left navigation bar is “Top 50” from where you can choose one of the most popular classic books. You can also search for a book using the search option on the top left corner.

Notice that some of the books are highlighted in green and some in grey. The ones in grey are totally free whereas the ones in green have both free and paid options.
If you choose a book highlighted in green you will get multiple versions of it. The first version is always the paid version. 
There is also an “All A – Z” option that lists all the books this app has. Here, the ones highlighted in grey have both free and paid versions, however, the ones in blue are paid only. There are no free versions of those books available.

This app has a rating of 3/5 on iTunes. I noticed that most of the critical reviewers were looking for modern day books on this app which they obviously did not find. After reading those comments, I think I should mention here again that this app only has classic books. I tried three audiobooks and did not have any problems going through them (not the entire lengths, just bits and pieces for the sake of this blog post). 
The ad supported app is available for free. If you don’t want to see ads and access some more features, you can get the app for $.99.


  1. Blogs indeed are useful in gathering knowledge spread over internet from multiple authors.But when it comes over precise topic or a novel , I feel Audio books are the best way to do it.I recently started using them and i feel they are the best medium to learn things.I had bought 7 ways to happiness last week from site and i am loving it

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