Audio Haptic Navigation Environment + Tension + Tacit = ?

Here is AHNE, or Audio Haptic Navigation Environment, which allows users to locate sound in 3D space with a Kinect sensor (using OpenNI and OSCeleton for primarily capturing body movement information through Kinect). The user wears a glove with sensors and motors that helps them locate and manipulate sound in the 3D space.

And here’s Tension, another project that uses a Kinect sensor, and is meant for multiple users. Up to five users can use this space simultaneously. When a user enters the space, a specific sound is assigned to him or her, and they can manipulate other sounds depending on their distance from other users.

These two fascinating projects got me thinking. What if we could combine these two with this? Essentially, we would be creating a space where visually impaired people could meet for recreation (music). They could wear the glove for AHNE on one hand and Tacit on the other which would make sure that they don’t bump into each other while making awesome music!

This is just an idea that came to me after I read about these projects. What are your thoughts? Is this feasible?

Source: CreateDigitalMusic

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