“Subtitle Glasses” For Deaf Cinema Goers


People with hearing impairment love to watch movies, but there is a certain limitation that stops them from going out to the theaters…the screens do not display captions.

To combat this problem Sony UK is developing a pair of “Subtitle Glasses” which would put subtitles/closed captions on to the screen of the glasses. To the person wearing them it would seem like the subtitles are actually superimposed on the cinema screen.
They don’t mention anything about how the glasses would work. I am speculating that they would have some kind of downloadable content available for specific movies that the user would download on to their glasses and take them to the movies, or they may have a built in speech to text converter.
These glasses were tested by Charlie Swinbourne (who is deaf), and he felt that the words on the subtitle glasses and the cinema screen were together, overall giving him a great experience. He thought that these glasses have massive opportunity in the future, and would really encourage people with hearing impairment to go out to the movies.
These glasses are expected to be out in the movie theaters next year.
Watch the video at the source link for more details.
Source: BBC


  1. Though this technology is still in it's early stages, it is still a good idea! I think the best way to make it work is by having a live subtitle streaming to the glasses using Wifi or Bluetooth technology to synchronize it with the video.

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