Frankenkindle – Brother Hacks Kindle For Sister With Cerebral Palsy


What a sweet brother he is! Glenn, an electrical engineer, worked for months on modifying the Kindle (eReader) to make it more suitable for his sister’s needs who has Cerebral Palsy. During a visit to Best Buy he noticed that his sister really liked the buttons on the V.Reader. The problem had books only for children.

Glenn bought the V.Reader and worked on it for months modifying it for his sister (and posting regular updates on his blog). He finally managed to connect the V.Reader controller buttons to the Kindle,   finished the prototype around ten days ago, and posted a video of the Frankenkindle in action. He thinks it is a little slow right now, although he is not too much worried about it. He is glad that it is able to provide the functionality he was looking for.

This project is open source, and the code for the demo in the video can be found here.

Source: Makezine via Engadget

Glen’s blog: Breadboard Confessions

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