DrawBraille – Braille Smartphone Concept


DrawBraille is a unique smartphone concept for the visually impaired that heavily uses the Braille System. Needless to say, this smartphone does not have a conventional screen.
DrawBraille phone concept is divided into two areas – the left side of the phone is the “display” or reading area which consists of 210 mechanical dots for alphabets and numbers, and the right side has a touch sensitive input area. This area consists of 4×5 squares (20 in total). The 6 squares in the middle represent the 6 Braille dots for a single character. The user simply has to perform a three step process – touch, slide, and lift, in order to enter a character.
Since the reading area can only display five rows at a time, there is a page up/down button on the top left that allows the user to scroll through infinite lines of text. The page up/down functionality can also be used in other applications like email, book reading, messaging etc.
There are five dots on the right edge of the screen that are used for battery status. Each dot represents 20% of battery life, so three “bumpy” dots would indicate that the battery is 60% full, and so on.
Photo gallery (via designbuzz.com).
Watch the video to see a quick demo of this unique concept smartphone.

Note: Let the video buffer for some time.

Source: Core77


  1. I get the idea how this would work for sending out messages, what about receiving though?

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