Bionic Leg For Amputees

After seven years of hard work, researchers at Vanderbilt University have created a new “bionic” leg that is much more lighter, faster, and smarter than the regular prosthetic leg.  It is the only prosthetic leg that has the powered knee and ankle joint operating together.

 “A passive leg is always a step behind me. The Vanderbilt leg is only a split-second behind”, says Craig Hutto, who has been testing this leg for several years. The Vanderbilt prosthetic walks 25% faster on level surfaces than other prosthetic legs.

The “bionic” leg has sensors that detect motion of the wearer. This data is then sent to microprocessors that predict what the person is trying to do, and acts accordingly to allows the wearer to operate the leg in ways that will make movement easier.

This leg makes it easy for a person to sit, stand, walk, and go up and down stairs and ramps. It can continuously walk for 13 to 14 kilometers (three days of normal activity) on a single charge, and weighs only nine pounds (human lower legs usually weigh more than that).

Freedom Innovations has been given exclusive rights to develop this prosthesis.

Watch the video to see Craig Hutto using the Vanderbilt prosthetic leg.

Source: via Engadget


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