6dot Braille Labeler

A new project on Kickstarter has been started by Karina Pikhart. She is in the process of bringing to the masses a Braille Labeler called 6dot which would allow anyone to create Braille labels for visually impaired people in any language!
Those familiar with Braille can use the six keys on 6dot (mapped to the six dots in the Braille System) to print labels. Those not familiar with the Braille System can attach an external standard QWERTY keyboard to the labeler and use it to create labels (for example, parents of blind children). 6dot gives visually impaired people the ability to differentiate between similarly designed objects (think bottles in a fridge, medicines, button panel on microwave etc.) by creating labels in Braille that can be stuck on such objects. The concept of Braille labelers is not new but 6dot is far more accessible and weighs significantly less than other Braillers in the market. 6dot also promises to continue to innovate this product  in the future.
6dot is targeting a $50,000 funding, and so far it has received close to $7,500 in funds. This project is open for another 26 days. 
To read more about 6dot and to donate, please go to their Kickstarter page.
Here’s a video that demonstrates the need for a Braille labeler, especially 6dot.

Here’s another video in which Matt Cooper shows 6dot in action.

Source: Engadget

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