SpeakIt! – Free Text to Speech Add On for Google Chrome

SpeakIt! is a very simple, and easy to use add on for the Google Chrome browser that does just one thing for its users – convert text to speech. The concept is very simple – select the text you want to be read, and SpeakIt! will read it back to you. That’s all! To stop, just press the pause button.

Installing it cannot be any easier. Just go to SpeakIt’s page in the Chrome Web Store and click the install button. Once that’s done you will see the “speaker” icon  on the top right corner of the Chrome browser.

The icon that activates SpeakIt!

Note: You may have to restart your Chrome browser for SpeakIt! to function correctly.

Here’s a demo video of SpeakIt!

As of now, it does not work on encrypted pages (https:). Although SpeakIt! has a rating of 4+ from more than 3,700 users, some of the reviewers mentioned that they faced problems with SpeakIt! on 64 bit Windows 7 Home.

Did it work for you? 


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  2. it stops working mid sentence and chrome has to be restarted. I was totally enjoying it up until it went silent though.

  3. same here. Annoying when you have multiple tabs open. Also has issues with some wikipedia pages.

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