iPad Helps Legally Blind Woman See

“…oh boy, what an eye opener, pardon the pun!”

Says Evelyn O’Brien, who has been legally blind for more than 30 years. She cannot see a person’s face, but with the help of an iPad she can zoom in on pictures and see faces in great detail. This is how she was able to see her five children after more than 30 years.

Some argue that the kids could have bought her a PC with software for the visually impaired installed. But how convenient is it to carry a gadget everywhere and look at pictures whenever and wherever one wants to by just pinching in and out their fingers?

“Very”, is what comes to mind.

Essentially, it can be any tablet (iPad, Motorola Xoom, Blackberry PlayBook etc.) that can help achieve this. All touch screen tablets allow zooming in and zooming out on pictures with your fingers. iPad makes the news because of apparent reasons – extremely popular; very affordable (starts at $499), and very easy to use.

Evelyn says she can see pictures/ videos, and surf the web on the iPad.

See these videos to know more about Evelyn’s experience.

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You can read more about this story here.

Source: AOL, Obama Pacman


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