Wheelchair Gym

The wheelchair gym is a portable exercise machine that can be used by seniors and people with spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, back problems, cerebral palsy, and amputees to perform upper body exercise.

The equipment is mainly made up of a frame, arms, hand grips, and cylinders. The user can perform various upper body exercises by moving/rotating the arms in different angles. There is a resistance control knob that can set 8 levels of resistance.  Turning the knob clockwise increases resistance and counter clockwise decreases it.

The arms are attached to hydraulic cylinders which adjust the resistance to match the pressure being applied. If at any point in time the user finds it difficult to apply the required pressure,  the resistance is automatically reduced. The user can then either complete the stroke with less pressure or take their hands off the arms so that they come back to a vertical position. Users of all fitness levels can use this equipment to perform upper body exercises.

  • The arms can rotate 90 degrees and can be locked at a certain angle.
  • The height of the arms can be increased up to 8 inches in 1 inch increments.
  • They can be moved up and down.
  • The grips rotate.
Click here to see the different exercises that can be done using the wheelchair gym.

Cost of the wheelchair gym ranges from $3,750 (18″ seat) to $4,550 (30″ seat). Prices for all variants of the wheelchair gym are mentioned in their order form. Volume discounts are available.

Product website: http://www.lotechusa.com/index.php

Hit the source link to read more about the wheelchair gym and its benefits.

Source: disabled-world  


  1. I think the cost of the equipment is worth the benefits that it provides.

  2. I really appreciated your post, this would really provide the great information .Thanks for sharing.

  3. Seniors who has joints problems in legs can easily use this portable exercise machine.

  4. Thanks for the info. It looks interesting!

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