Accessible Gaming Center/ Website For People With Disabilities [Video]

The good folks over at SpecialEffect recently opened a fully accessible gaming center for people with disabilities in Witney, Oxfordshire in the UK. The gaming center would allow gamers with disabilities to experience the latest and the greatest in assistive technology especially designed for them. The center also has a GamesLab where equipment and games are tested for accessibility.

SpecialEffect has always been involved in making games accessible to gamers. They have been loaning equipment and specialized game technology to gamers with disabilities that have been created/ modified to suit their needs, allowing them to continue to enjoy video games. For example, gamers with cerebral palsy can use eye controllers to control movement in the video game just by using eye movement/ blinking. Watch the video for a demo:

SpecialEffect has also created a website especially for gamers with disabilities at to reach a wider audience. The website consists of groups and forums that allow SpecialEffects and users to share information, knowledge and experiences about accessible games, devices, gaming platforms, and technologies.

Their video collection is very impressive, with more than 45 videos that show SpecialEffect’s equipment and technology in use.

Source: SpecialEffect, Reghardware via Engadget


  1. The website is great not only because of its interface but the fact that it's design for individuals with disabilities. I hope more website designers would consider doing that.

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  2. I saw this before. The video was a demonstration of me playing Fifa Online against the computer using the eye gaze camera system. I love that people with disabilities can play this. I bet children with disabilities will be happy.

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