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Here is a cool concept watch for blind (and visually impaired) people who aren’t very happy with the way they currently have to check time. Blind people use either analog watches with static bumps or digital watches with audible voice to check time, but they come with some limitations:
1. Analog watch with static bumps: The watch wearer has to lift the case open and feel the static bumps and the position of the pinions (something like this) to know the time.This can be time consuming and often not  accurate.

2. Digital watch with audible voice: On pressing a button, the watch speaks out the current time. Although accurate, it is pretty much useless in situations where silence is required (a seminar, or a boring meeting!).

Haptica, on the other hand, has rotating dots that show four digits in Braille (0 – 9). One can easily feel the digits on Haptica and know what the time is without getting noticed. It’s as simple as that! 

This concept watch has been designed by David Chavez. It has won several design awards, both national and international (see here, and here).

In order to make this watch a reality, David Chavez has put this concept on Kickstarter. Kickstarter is the place where brilliant and creative people show their ideas and concepts to people like you and me, and encourage us to fund their projects. This watch requires $150,000 for production to start, and right now it’s at around $27,000 45,000. This project can accept funds for 26 15 more days.

Here is a video from designer David Chavez that he made for Kickstarter:

The minimum contribution is $5 and the maximum is as much as your heart allows. Contributions of $25 and above would get you a reward as well. The funds would be deducted from your credit card only if this project reaches its intended goal of $150,000.

Please go here and read more about Haptica Braille Watch. If you like this concept watch, go ahead and click the “Back this project” button to contribute.

Click here to read more about David Chavez.

Source: Crunchgear

(Thanks, Prashant!)

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