Adobe Flash CS4 Accessibility

There is a great (short) animated video on Adobe’s website that provides some quick tips on how to make Flash videos accessible. This video consists of 5 “slides”, and each slide discusses various accessibility features that can be added for different types of users. The main points this video touches are:

For blind users:

–  Setting reading order.
– Audio description (as audio or transcripts).
– Screen magnifier for users with low vision.

Keyboard access:

– Setting the tab index (same as reading order; cannot tab to text field).
– Setting programmed shortcuts.

For deaf users:

– Adding captions.
– Adding video of an ASL interpreter for younger children.

Extra resources

– Link to Adobe Accessible Resource Center.
– Link to Adobe Flash Accessibility Design Guidelines.

Click  the “D))” button at the bottom right corner to see how they use audio descriptions in this video.

Here is the video.

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