Assistive Technology For Online Banking

I recently came across a news article on that explains how Bridgeview bank has come up with a simple interface that allows its users with disabilities to navigate through menu options on their website with utmost ease. The idea is to install a toolbar (currently works with Internet Explorer) that allows using of simple voice commands, changing screen color, increasing and decreasing font size, and enabling or disabling of help options within the system.
It seems like this system makes the user experience extremely easy, even allowing them to open accounts online. Users can take full advantage of the system and perform all their activities online, thus eliminating the need to physically go to a branch.
This system is very secure. The data sent over the Internet is obviously encrypted. Voice commands are not transferred to the Bridgeview server – they are only used to navigate the menu options, although the users are encouraged to make sure that they are not overheard when giving voice commands to the system.
As I mentioned earlier, the toolbar can be currently installed only on Internet Explorer. The website has an image button on the top right corner that can be clicked to download and install the toolbar. This button can be seen on Firefox as well, but it does not do anything when it is clicked (I did not try any other browser).
The button that downloads the toolbar (on Internet Explorer) is highlighted in red.
Some general information about the toolbar can be found here (or by clicking the hyperlink right below the toolbar download link). The information page also has a “101” video about the toolbar.
Click here to go to Bridgeview bank’s website.

To read the original article on, please go here.

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